Privacy Policy

Being an Authorized LIC Agent we know that privacy is very vital to most people and we want to tell you that it is significant to us, too. The following is an abstract of our confidentiality practices to let you know:
General Information
we value your right to privacy. Whether you are a current customer of Lic India Agent or if you are just visiting this site, we assure you that we do not gather private information about you unless you provide it to us.
You’re Information
Personal information is not collected unless you give it to us. If you are simply browsing this site, we do not collect any personal information.
We do not send Mass mails or any newletters
A “cookie” is a piece of info that our web site sends to your browser which then stores this information on your PC. If the cookie is stored, the website memorizes information about you and your liking. Searching the right agent is only the beginning… Contact us @ info@licagentdelhi.net.